Our model for the SEC doesn't show many surprises. Nothing bold in saying that: Alabama's offense is great. #Georgia is just as good as Clemson and #Bama. LSU is right behind those guys.
Florida is at the top of our Tier 2 teams--along with Oregon and Utah. While every seems to be high on Franks and Mullen's QB whisperer reputation, we are not as high on Franks from the tape. He did show improvement in the second half of 2018, but this year is make of break for him and the #Gators. 
What is clear to us in our projections though is that #Missouri could be a bit of a surprise this year. Loads of talent and strong coaching coupled with an experienced QB taking over for Drew Lock could spell success. They always get up for Florida, but they'll need to conquer Georgia to truly get over the hump and possibly be in the elite mix.